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Not okay in B.C.but okay everywhere else?

Talk here about issues with unions or companies in the Telecommunications sector.
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Not okay in B.C.but okay everywhere else?

Postby wimpole1 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 6:50 pm

wow! The twu allows all sorts of jobs to go off shore, but now they want us to protect another unions jobs that are to be "down sold"? How funny is that. All across Canada our jobs are not only "off shored" they are just sent to companies in the U.S. The whole world knows, and the twu exec should shove off and let the "old guys who where there (pre- them) to come back and set things straight. No matter what side they were on, (politically) the old twu was always on the side of the workers (not themselves).. Let's see what jobs are next to be "off Shored". That is such a simplification. All that statement means is "de-unionized" workers in the U.S. are close and they want telus jobs. The U.K. is laughing. They have been through this already. Asia has a huge piece of the pie. The belief is that our exec has already given up and are just trying to get huge by-outs, therefore huge pensions when they leave!! Maybe they get their medical paid for them and their families lives. (who's to know). And they wonder why people wouldn't wipe there shoes on them!

Good day. This is the TWU Hotline recorded on Thursday, August 4, 2011.

UFCW 1518 vs IGA #15 – Locked Out

IGA #15 in downtown Vancouver, B.C., is closed and behind picket lines after the employer locked out United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 1518 members, effective Friday, July 29, 2011.

The main issues in the dispute are wage increases, benefits for part-time workers, as well as positions that are filled out of seniority.

Please respect their picket line and shop at these alternate Vancouver locations:


1766 Robson Street

1641 Davie Street
Urban Fare:

1133 Alberni Street

305 Bute Street

177 Davie Street

Shoppers Drug Mart:

1125 Davie Street
Super Valu:

1255 Davie Street

For more information, please contact Andy Neufeld at UFCW 1518 at

604-526-1518. The TWU will update members of any further developments in this dispute.

Thank you for calling the TWU Hotline.


Bonjour, voici le message du service d’information de dernière heure du STT enregistré jeudi, le 4 août 2011.

La Section locale 1518 des TUAC contre IGA â„–15 suite au lock-out

L’épicier IGA №15 situé au centre-ville de Vancouver, en Colombie-Britannique, est fermé et bordé de lignes de piquetage après que l’employeur ait mis en lock-out les Travailleurs et travailleuses unis de l’alimentation et du commerce (TUAC), membres de la Section locale 1518, vendredi, le 29 juillet 2011.

Les principaux enjeux relèvent des augmentations salariales, des avantages sociaux pour les employés à temps partiel, ainsi que du non-respect de l’ancienneté dans l’attribution des postes.

S’il vous plaît, respectez les lignes de piquetage et faites vos achats alimentaires à ces endroits alternatifs à Vancouver :

Safeway : Urban Fare :

1766 rue Robson 1133 rue Alberni

1641 rue Davie 305 rue Bute

177 rue Davie

Shoppers Drug Mart : Super Valu :

1125 rue Davie 1255 rue Davie

Pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez s’il vous plaît contacter Andy Neufeld, de la Section locale 1518 des TUAC, au 604-526-1518. Le STT informera les membres des développements dans ce conflit.

Nous vous remercions d’avoir appelé le service d’information de dernière heure du STT.

"And if you live by these workers I would also reinforce "Don't cross a Picket Line"
This message is for true believers in Trade Unionism". See if you can spot an exec member crossing their line!!!

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