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YOU MUST VOTE (Good Read) Copy it and pass around

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YOU MUST VOTE (Good Read) Copy it and pass around

Postby Admin1 » Mon Oct 17, 2005 10:26 pm

Anyone who has crossed, who for any reason is possibly choosing to avoid voting needs to read this.

You MUST VOTE!.. this is not about voting Yes or No, but about why most of us chose to cross in the first place. I personally do not think it is coincidence that the majority of these vote sessions have been scheduled for work time. They know they cannot stop us from voting but they can make it difficult. We have options.
Most crossed because we felt misrepresented and that our democratic right to have a say in our future was taken from us, by not allowing us to vote on the Telus offer when it was shown to us in April. Merely doing that at the time they would , I am sure, had a lot more support (if it had gone No ) than they do now. Do not let them take that right from you again.
If you are somehow concerned about your personal well being, then go in groups. all they can do is scream at you, and speaking for myself they haven�t been very creative in coming up with new stuff lately so I�m sure I can handle hearing the same old stuff again. Don�t let the hecklers win by letting them deny you of your right to have a say in this process. I for one am going to take GREAT satisfaction in walking in there to let them see I will be casting my vote
You also have an absentee ballot option as outlined in the TWU constitution if you really and truly cannot bring yourself to go.. it states..

� An absentee ballot may be issued by the Secretary-Treasurer of the Union upon the written request of the individual member prior to the specified meeting and shall be for the sole purpose of voting on matters under the jurisdiction of the Convention or the Executive Council. An absentee shall be considered as a member who is working, sick, on vacation or located in an area making it impossible to attend the meeting where the vote is to be conducted"

Remember.. they took away democracy and tried to impose their will.. we fought that and democracy of us voting with our feet has played a large part in this opportunity being presented. The BC and EC had to listen to us and in the end have discovered that the offer truly did have merits in today�s marketplace.

Even if there is a No vote, we will still have created this opportunity , do not give it away..

Once again


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Postby boob » Wed Oct 19, 2005 11:55 am

it is official scabs can vote, the president of our union said so today on the sidewalk and everyone asked him the problem is if the silent majority does not go out to vote and the contract does not pass you will be facing tribunals and fines, so all of clerical get out and vote yes or you are doomed.
REMEMBER HOW THEY ARRVED AT THE STRIKE VOTE it happened because the rest of us didn't show up to vote!!

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Postby alec » Wed Oct 19, 2005 2:12 pm

Well then the choice is clear. It will certainly be interesting to see what the atmospheree is like at these meetings...

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