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How far will Big Unions go to destroy a successful company?

For posting of matters relating to international labour issues.
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How far will Big Unions go to destroy a successful company?

Postby NC » Wed Nov 21, 2007 11:36 pm

Well, this is only "sort of" International but as I doubt the 30 or so Latin American workers are gonna join our little pond, I will just post this here. Try to stay through the story, I want to hear what you all think.

This story will surprise you. It even surprised me and the best part is, it’s still playing out right now.

The Coles notes is:

A company (consortium really) called SELI wanted to dig a tunnel for the Cambie line project, here in Vancouver. They bid on it and won. SELI digs tunnels all over the world and after this they are off to Spain I think.

In the process of digging these tunnels the SELI folks usually bring their own workers from a variety of countries. For this story we’ll just talk about the 30 or so Latin Americas. Tunnel boring is a tough job; you need some pretty specialized training and these guys know what they are doing, and like I said, they’re off to Spain after this. They follow SELI around the planet digging long holes.

Given the flavour of this site I suspect you guess what's coming. The British Columbia and Yukon Territory Building and Construction Trades Council *really* hate having foreign workers in their playground.



If you don’t want to read more, or if you think I am selectively presenting this, go to the BCYTBCTC website. On top of being really bad at acronym planning, they consider their opinions pretty important so fill yer boots. Their Press Release section.

This alphabet soup of gang members is a Council of Unions that really hates foreign workers coming onto their turf, they fight and fight to keep them out and they lobby and they just generally try pretty hard to keep the gate closed - it’s their sandbox after all, why let those foreigners in?

Well, they get in, and that’s when the fists start flying. One of the gang members in the BCTBT etc etc is LIUNA (Construction and Specialized Workers Local 1611) who is famous for getting into flinging sh*t flinging matches, they call it Labour Activism. But wait... WTF?!??! They are fighting for the rights of the foreign workers they ore on the record as trying to keep out...

Their press release says:


The news folks can’t resist a shiny coin, so they grab on:

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ ... ery=labour

Take the time to read what this brain trust wants us to believe: Evidence presented showed they were working for just $3.47 per hour, six days at a minimum of 60 hours per week, said [Wayne] Peppard (Executive Director of the BYTCBC.. yada yada)

In an effort to further the rights of the oppressed workers, and with nothing in mind but that, the union files a complaint with the BCLRB claiming these workers are being paid, what he say $3.50/hr?

Here is the decision by the way; http://www.lrb.bc.ca/decisions/B036$2007.pdf

The British Columbia Labour Relations Board dug in and had a look… too bad for Wayne, they know math too. Here’s what the BCLRB said to Wayne and his pals about their allegations. (The Latin Americans are paid under Schedule “Bâ€

Find - Desiderata - read it

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