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I am not one of the 99%

I don't intend that this be filled with daily news items but feel free to put things in here that you think will interest us, or generate discussion.
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I am not one of the 99%

Postby NC » Tue Oct 18, 2011 2:14 pm

Someone finally got it right...

I am not one of the 99%

Find - Desiderata - read it

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Postby green1 » Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:27 pm

This is a tough one...

On one side, I agree fully with that poster. I am in whatever situation I am in because of choices that I personally have made. not because of some other entity. You can't blame your spending more than you make on anyone but yourself.

However on the flip side, I'm sick of seeing government bowing to financial interests, wether that be bailouts for businesses that made bad decisions (why do they get to keep the profits if they do well, but we pay the losses if they don't?) or laws protecting domestic industry (buy American is hardly limited to the US... just try buying a new car from outside of North America to see what I mean!) Or Draconian labour laws (What do you mean I have to pay money to an organization that does nothing for me and that I want no part of?) or all sorts of other things that government should have no hand in.

So while one part of me wants to yell at all the "occupy" people to grow up and get a job, the other part of me agrees with what they're saying. There is no question that Governments around the world do far more to represent special interests (read MONEY) than they do to represent the "99%" of the population who theoretically elect them.

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